• 04 / 03 / 2017

    No matter who you are... your business card needs to be the business.

    No matter who you are... your business card needs to be the business.

    A couple of weeks ago a new client The Filming Business approached us to take their existing brand identity and create a business card that stood out in the right way.

    A design that would instantly transport visually the quality and detail of their services to new high status clients was going to be as much about the print finish as the design. This kind of brief is really exciting to get into in a digital world.

    It got us thinking about the quality business cards which existed before the arrival of the casual diluted emails with "please see the link to our website" as the all important introduction.

    When you view your business card as a business handshake you immediately get ahead of the competition. It is the first impression and the take away from your meeting.

    The growth of 'convenience' in all markets continues to rise. We want it now and we want to pay less which means we don't get the best for us.

    For example 'convenience food' or 'convenience clothing' it is cheaper because it is a lesser product, meaning you end up with something that lacks the quality that's best for you.

    The same goes for the world of print. For example Moon Pig and other online printers are ideal for next day delivery of cheap and cheerful, but that will only guarantee you a limp handshake when it comes to your business card in that all important meeting.

    Why does this matter? It matters because first impressions count and if you give them anything less than the best, then that does not say a lot about how you view yourself, your services and them.

    Bespoke business cards are the only strong handshake to show potential customers you want their business and they matter to you long term.

    That's enough oinking about business cards for one day.

  • 21 / 02 / 2017

    Bloomin' Marvellous!

    Bloomin' Marvellous!

    Marvellous is a stylish, brand new patisserie opening very soon on Cavendish Place W1.

    It will be all about you the customer enjoying the very best afternoon tea, patisserie, chocolaterie & savouries in a stunningly designed environment, whilst feeling at home and welcome.

    The flavours and the ingredients make this like nothing else out there with everything made fresh every day and hand-finished to perfection.

    This project includes brand identity, brand story, website design, photography, packaging, uniform, brand identity within the shop and on the shop and so much more.

    In the meantime 1000s of these Marvellous sleeves fresh off the press have been designed to package their desserts for Thomson Airways as part of their onboard meal.

    Now flying all over Europe and possibly over your head as you read this!

    More to follow...
  • 20 / 10 / 2016

    Thank you for visiting us.

    Our new site has been live for just 24 hours. Rather than bring all the old news across from the last 7 years we decided, well, quite simply... it's old news.

    Drop by for project news and updates on this our next chapter and no doubt we'll meet you on your journey very soon.