Branding, packaging, photography & marketing, Didier's Patisserie.

A strong relationship built over the last 6 years on trust and design that works has been a fantastic journey to be on.

Before establishing Didier's Patisserie 20 years ago Didier already had a deeply rooted pedigree in the world of patisserie working out of Paris and London.

Being the innovation and creator of patisserie for many big brands including upper class on airlines, restaurants, Eurostar and well known high street stores, he was approached in 2009 by Waitrose which was to be the first time the patisserie would be self branded and customer facing.

Starting with refreshing the brand which included creating its own unique modern and yet classic pink, the new brand identity determined the new range of packaging of all shapes, sizes and demands, fleet liveries, new website, photography and much more.

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